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How to block only bad sites | Pluckeye

Option 1: Use a DNS filtering provider and lock DNS settings

See how-to-enforce-a-dns-filtering-service for details.

Option 2: Use flee words and/or flee hosts.

For example, to block all pages that contain the word “pizza”:

pluck + flee word pizza

See flee for more information.

You can also try using a large flee host list.

Option 3: Use one of the safe options.

For example:

pluck + safe

See safe for more information.

Option 4: Use one of the public blacklists on

As a warning, the lists are neither perfect nor comprehensive.

A flee-host list will in general be more effective than a block-host list.

Option 5: Require PorNo! or some similar browser extension.

TODO: fill me in.

Mix and match

You can use all of the options above at once if you like.