These pages are historical. There is a new manual

Help | Pluckeye

This is a general guide to help you answer a question you have about Pluckeye, or solve a problem you are encountering while using it.

  1. Have you watched the quickstart videos?
  2. Do you have a frequently asked question such as, ”What is Pluckeye”?
  3. Do you want to uninstall? Have you read the install and uninstall instructions?
  4. Is your browser completely blocked? Is nothing blocked? Try:
    1. Restarting your browser.
    2. Rebooting.
    3. Running the repair command (pluck repair) in a console.
  5. Have you read the known issues section of the README?
  6. Are you aware of the NHB feature for those who find standard Pluckeye blocking insufficient?
  7. Have you tried the search box on the manual? It works fairly well.
  8. Still got a question?

    Try the Pluckeye forum or the Pluckeye subreddit for community support, or if your message needs to be sent to the team directly, use the contact form.

  9. Lost Internet?

    Wait a second, if you’ve lost the Internet, how are you reading this?!!

    Seriously, use the Internet to contact us if at all possible.

    In the unlikely event that your Internet access is completely messed up by Pluckeye and you can’t uninstall it, you may text +1 (909) 758-6028 and mention “Pluckeye help” or phone +1 (909) 758-6028 and ask for Jay. He’s an ordinary person, like you, who has volunteered to take such calls. He lives in the U.S., somewhere between GMT-0400 and GMT-0700 and sleeps at night so be aware of this before you call. If there’s no answer, please leave a message with your name, country, and phone number. If there’s no urgency, please use one of the resources above instead of phoning. Thanks!