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Restricted devices | Pluckeye

Restricting a device is intended for other control rather than self control, and is similar to traditional parental controls. If you’re seeking “password protection”, this is the page for you.

**This feature does not work before Pluckeye v0.99.42!**

The child need not and probably should not have an account on the users site.

See also: family


Pluckeye is most often used in self-control mode. But some users, especially some parents, would prefer “other-control” mode, meaning a person other than the primary computer user has control over the configuration of Pluckeye. That’s what a restricted device is for.

How to set it up

Imagine Edmund has found the self-control mode has not worked well, and both he and Susan think life would be better if she were in charge of Edmund’s Pluckeye configuration. Here’s how they do it.

Note that if Edmund already has an account on the users site, then the following instructions won’t work unless Edmund first deletes his account and then sends a message to Jon to request that his device be liberated.

  1. Susan installs Pluckeye on Edmund’s computer if it isn’t already installed.
  2. Susan creates an account for herself on the users site.
  3. Susan logs into the users site as Susan using Edmund’s computer. The website informs Susan that she now owns Edmund’s device.
  4. Susan navigates to the webpage for the device by clicking on her name in the upper right hand corner of the page, selecting profile, and on her profile page, clicking on the computer name.
  5. Susan creates a new general configuration for Edmund’s device.
  6. Susan configures the new configuration. She decides to import the classic and the no programs configurations to start. She also enables the system feature in the main configuration by typing:

    in the edit tab of the configuration.

  7. Susan clicks the red “restrict” button.
  8. Susan runs this command on the computer in a console window:
         pluck sync
  9. Susan restarts the computer.

After performing the above steps, the allow and block buttons will not change the device configuration. Instead they will submit suggestions that Susan may approve or reject. Susan can now configure Edmund’s device by simply logging into the users site from any computer she likes.


An alternative to a restricted device is to set a long delay on the device, say 7 days, and to then rely on the approver and inspector system to help Edmund stay on track.