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system | Pluckeye

The Pluckeye system feature, when turned on, causes Pluckeye to integrate more deeply with your device, meaning it will control the Internet access of the device rather than just an Internet browser. It is turned off when Pluckeye is first installed, but it is expected that most serious users of Pluckeye will turn it on. When system is off, it is easy to bypass Pluckeye by using a different browser that does not have the Pluckeye browser extension installed, or by removing the extension from your browser.

How to turn it on / off


In Pluckeye v1.0, you can turn the feature on or off as follows:

  1. Click the Pluckeye button in the top right corner of your browser.
  2. Click “config” in the menu at the top.
  3. Click the button that says “system: off” or “system: on”.
  4. Read the description.
  5. Check or uncheck the “enable” box.
  6. Click “Apply”.


If you are using Pluckeye v0.99.12 or newer, you can turn system on by opening a console and running this command:

pluck + system
To turn it back off, just run the same command, but replace + with -.

v0.99.11 and older

See Levels below.

Why isn’t system on by default?

The system feature is initially turned off mainly as a safety measure. By requiring the user to turn it on it manually, the user is then educated on how to do the reverse as well. And some users find Pluckeye to be sufficient help for them, even with system turned off.

Platform notes


With system is enabled on Windows, only Chrome, Firefox, and browsers based on them (e.g. Brave) may be used for browsing the Internet; Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and all other browsers other than Firefox and Chrome will not work at all.


When system is enabled on Linux, browsers other than Chromium and Firefox will be slower, overblock the user, and generally be much less useful than Firefox and Chromium. But they will still work in general. Well, with one big exception: Chrome will not work at all, but Chromium should with Pluckeye 0.50.0 or greater.


The system feature replaced the idea of levels in older versions of Pluckeye (v0.99.11 and older). Having Pluckeye installed as a program on your device (not just a browser extension) with system off is equivalent to level 1, and having system on is equivalent to level 2.