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Pluckeye expedite

This page describes the extremely useful expedite feature. See also cohorts.


Peter finds that a Pluckeye delay of 2 hours works well for him. But waiting 2 hours for every change is sometimes inconvenient. He wishes he could give Susan the ability to approve any changes he makes without waiting for the 2 hour delay. He can, using expedite.

How to set it up

To use expedite, you first must create an account for yourself on . After that, you’ll need to set up one of following options for getting approval for expedite requests:

  1. Cohorts (mutual support with other Pluckeye users).
  2. Supporters (specific people you trust such as friends).

Making an expedite request

Once you have a pending configuration change (i.e., a rule that has not taken effect yet), an expedite request can be made by clicking the “expedite” button.

Click the Pluckeye button in your browser. If you are using Pluck 1.0, the button is on the “config” page, next to each pending configuration item. If you are using Pluckeye v0.99.x and below, the button is in the main panel of Pluckeye buttons. One may also make expedite requests using . In addition, expedite requests can be sent to for all future configuration changes by typing the following in a console.

pluck supplicate

Approving an expedite request

Expedite requests show up and can be approved on your queue. The web page uses “notifications” so that by loading it into one of your browser tabs, you can be notified of an expedite request without needing to actively check the page.

The awkward part as of this writing (2021-01-27) is that the one who made the request also has to manually run the approved? command (pluck approved?) in a console window after somebody else approves their request. The timely invoking of this command may one day be automatic.

Avoiding expedite

If you have abused the expedite system, even once, you should probably use the noapproval feature to prevent yourself from doing that again.

  pluck + noapproval

After that, mourn the loss of the really useful expedite feature, and keep on Pluckin’.