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Suggestions | Pluckeye

This page applies *only* to Pluck 1.0.18 and above.


Restricted devices and shared configurations may make use of a feature called “suggestions”, the purpose of which is to allow somebody who does not have permission to modify a configuration to suggest changes to make to that configuration.

This feature was added because some parents wanted to restrict what their child had access to, but they also wanted their child to be able to request additional access that would be granted upon parental approval.

A typical parental setup is described below.

Parental setup

Peter the parent grabs Edmund’s computer and performs the following actions on it:

  1. He upgrades to Pluck 1.0.18 (or higher). See How to update.
  2. He restricts Edmund’s device. See How to setup a restricted device.

Making and reviewing suggestions

Edmund can now “suggest” changes to make to his configuration by:

  1. Visiting a website.
  2. Clicking the Pluckeye button.
  3. Clicking “allow”.

Peter can review these suggestions from time to time by visiting the device configuration page on .